Geographer / Designer

I strive to understand complex problems and define solutions to build a better future.

I’m a geographer, designer and story teller. I’m passionate about building the future by understanding inter-relationships and designing innovative solutions. I have a background in geomatics, and a passion for art and design.

I love to travel, and I enjoy creative challenges. I’m interested in sustainable development, startups and emerging technologies.

I am currently the Map Design Team Lead at Mappedin.

Understanding Our World

Geomatics / Aerial Mapping

In 2017, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Honours, Geography and Environmental Management with a specialization in Geomatics.

In that time, I won $11,000 in funding from the Faculty of Environment to acquire an unmanned aerial vehicle for our first aerial mapping program.

I ran workshops on unmanned mapping through the Geospatial Club, and was also involved in starting the university’s first successful composting program - UW Campus Compost.

Mapping the Indoors

Mappedin is the creator of the worlds leading CMS for indoor maps.

In my time as the Map Design Team Lead, our team has designed and digitized over 150+ venues ranging from malls, hospitals, stadiums and more.

We're always striving to represent indoor spaces in intuitive and visually compelling ways, all while delivering on large implementations and tight timelines.

Conservation / Education

Sharing my love and appreciation of the natural environment with younger kids started during my internship at the Hillside Outdoor Education School - in Rouge Park, Ontario.

Since then I've had a few cool opportunities to share the wonders of the natural world, such as when I was volunteering at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Pictured here is 'Darth Vader' the Grouper. See the video gallery for more!

Design & MultiMedia

UI / UX Design Projects

Skyward Industries Website Re-Design

Worked with a front-end developer to conceptualize and design the new version of the Skyward Website. This included building and iterating on mockups, designing graphics, selecting and developing content and fine tuning aesthetic elements and styling.

See our work at skywardindustries.org

Share Bibles Stylesheet and App Re-Design

Worked with a FaithTech team to improve the aesthetic and usability of the Share Bibles App - Used by distribution teams for tracking community outreach.

View the detailed process and portfolio here!

Logo Design / Branding

MultiMedia Projects

Aquarium Diving
Italy Travel Video
Fiji Adventure
Bermuda Tourism Project